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All CompoForm products are tested before being released from the shop for packaging and shipping.

Please understand that we are shipping from Russia. Because of this we ask for your patience. Once CompoForm ships a product we are at the mercy of the Parcel Officials. At that point there is NOTHING we can do to help make this shipping process any faster. We have seen shipping arrive as fast as two weeks but on some occasions a month or even more. Please understand this fact before purchasing. You must be patient, your package will eventually arrive

Every item is shipped with tracking. Once item is shipped you will be notified via email at the address you have provided when purchasing. Once it is marked by the carrier as delivered, we must consider it to be in the customer's possession

If the item is lost while under tracking, we must wait for the carrier to declare the item lost before any action can be taken

Items shipped to CompoForm for repair are done so at the customers risk and will not be refunded or replaced if lost in transit
Because of durability issues pertaining to Brass Metals, any brass items purchased will not be accepted under the “warranty process”

Returns will be accepted if item is shipped back to CompoForm within 7 days of receipt and only if the product is returned in pristine condition

Refunds will be made once the product is returned to us and inspected

The customer must ship the product back at their own cost

Warranty is non-transferable from the original owner, but we want you to be happy. We will assess any issues at our discretion and go from there

Warranty on defects is good for 15 days from when the item is marked as received

If there is a problem with your Item, we may or may not have you return the defective product at our expense and discretion

If a return is required, the product must arrive at our location before we can repair or replace it. Once it arrives at CompoForm, you will be notified through email by the Maker or a CompoForm associate
All items for sale are final
Each Item purchased will receive an Order #. Please note the order number or keep the email that is produced. The order # is used to reference all customer information and is important
Информация о компании
Название: ИП " Дитковский С.В."
ИНН: 880717350412
Юридический адрес компании: Казахстан, обл. Костанайская, г.Костанай

Я изготавливаю предметы ежедневного ношения.

Все изделия представленные на сайте изготовлены мною лично. Обработкой заказов, отправкой и контроль качества так же осуществляется только мной.

Если у Вас возникли какие либо вопросы заполните форму или напишите мне E-mail:
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