Argyle V.2 is a free sliding magnetic fidget. I packed a lot of innovations into this design. The body of the slider is made out of titanium and engraved with the argyle pattern which is the namesake of this project. It reduces friction and provides you with a better grip. 32 magnets are hidden inside this slider. Each sliding body consists of two parts that are welded together. This allows for all sides to look identical and provides us with the symmetry unseen before in the fidgets of this style.
Magnets are installed in a specific way so you could use these sliding pieces in any orientation.
To protect the metal from scratching Argyle V.2 is treated with a laser which creates a very durable coating. It is also smooth as glass which allows for a great action without any galling that plagues many titanium sliders.
Although this coating is very durable and won't be damaged with normal use I recommend you wipe both halves of the slider with a soft cloth before use to remove any possible abrasive particles that could be trapped in between the sliding pieces.
As with all of my projects this slider is made entirely by myself in my shop in Moscow, Russia.
Thank you for supporting my work. I hope this slider will bring you a lot of joy.
Ivan Gostev.

Approximate wait time is four weeks

Argyle V.2 Pre–Order

  • Materials: titanium
    Weight: 51 gm
    Length: 42 mm
    Width: 29 mm
    Thickness: 10 mm