I have been working on 2x3 ClickBars and I enjoyed being able to move one or two sliders at the same time creating different amounts of resistance and feedback. So why not make it even greater? That's how I came up with an idea of a single row of sliders. The result reminds me of an abacus or a modern take on the prayer beads. I experimented with different sizes and forms and after several prototypes found the perfect combination. You can move each slider sequentially one by one or all of them at the same time. I also added a lanyard hole to make it easier getting it in and out of the pocket. You can add your favorite beads and make this clicker your own.


Approximate wait time is three weeks

ClickBar 1x6 Pre-order (Brass)

  • Materials: patinated brass
    Weight: 64 gm
    Length: 88 mm
    Width: 23 mm
    Thickness: 6 mm