ClickBar Pre-order.
ClickBar is a magnetic fidget clicker. You can move 5 sliders in four different directions like in that sliding number puzzle game many of us had in our childhood. Sliders get snapped into place with a solid click attracted by neodymium magnets providing very satisfying haptic feedback.
ClickBar is very pocketable. If you ever handled a Zippo lighter, they are pretty much the same size, but ClickBar is much thinner. Full metal construction ensures durability and gives ClickBar a very nice sound.
You can easily remove the sliders from the base without any tools which makes cleaning easy. And it also means that you can mix and match different bases and sliders. All sorts of materials and patterns we are planning for the future will provide a great potential for customization


Approximate wait time is three weeks

Titanium ClickBar (standard) Pre-order

  • Materials: titanium
    Weight: 47 gm
    Length: 53 mm
    Width: 38 mm
    Thickness: 6 mm