Triquetra is one of my favorite designs. I carry it constantly and it is always with me when I design new projects or go about my day-to-day life. But I always wanted to make it a bit different. Not to improve, but to add some variety. So here is the second version. As you can see, the appearance is almost exactly the same. But I increased the size slightly and the middle part is also larger. It gave the clicker a better range of motion and snappier action. Another change is that instead of the sliding button in the middle you will now have a mechanical switch type of clicker. It is very satisfying and I think it's an interesting addition to the design. This switch is made out of titanium and I laser engrave it with the beautiful pattern you see.
Please note that parts are not interchangeable between V1 and V2 clickers


Approximate wait time is four weeks



Triquetra V2 Pre-order (Brass + titanium button)